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Bonsoy Soymilk Lactose Dairy Free Vegan

1.0 kg

Bonsoy (Soy Milk) 1 Litre

Best Before: Jan 2025

The name "Bonsoy" comes from the French meaning "wonderful soybeans". Created by Japanese soy masters perfected over many centuries, Bonsoy is a truly healthy and nutritious drink tthat froths as good as any dairy milk.

Only whole organically grown Non-Genetically Modified soybeans are used. The beans are cooked in patented equipment, to ensure the strong “bean flavour” of soybeans is eliminated and the beans are evenly cooked. Tapioca syrup and Job's tears are added to bring out the natural roasted flavour.

Bonsoy has a natural, full-bodied mellow aroma with a subtle, mildly sweet flavour.

A clear favourite among top baristas all over the world. 

Shake well before opening

As a drink, ideal on cereal, or in cooking as an alternative to dairy milk in soup, gratin, gluten burgers, pudding, etc.

Bonsoy is also a healthy alternative for coconut milk or milk and sugar in the cooking of local dishes like curry or laksa.


Filtered Water, Organic Whole Soybeans, Tapioca Syrup, Job’s Tears (Hatomugi), Sea Salt, Calcium Carbonate.


Bonsoy is packed in environmentally safe recyclable Tetra packages; Bonsoy can be stored at room temperature, but best in cool place away from sunlight. Refrigerate at 4 degree Celsius after opening and consume within 4 to 5 days.



Product of Japan