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Our House Rules

We respect that everyone has their own perspectives and thoughts . Our home page is here to educate and provide a wholistic space for our consumers and community . We would respect if you follow our house rules regarding posting and commenting so that we provide a conducive community for all. 

• We love that we are all forward looking and receptive about local sustainability, farming and produce. and we are appreciative of any feedbacks and thoughts that you have to share with us however we have the right to remove and displace information, comments and feedback that are deem inappropriate and offensive to us and our readers. 

• Please respect our community and followers perspective and opinion. We live in a space where we practice freedom of speech however we will not tolerate posts and comments that are hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist or thost that are specfically targetting a religion, nationality or political belief. All these will be removed without hesistation. 

• Binary, Offensive languages, pictorials and links that are deem inappropriate will be removed from the page as well.

• We embrace the real you so pleas do no impersonate someone when communicating with us or anyone on this site.

• Understand the importance of copyright laws are we respect it as well, so do not post pictures or plagarise text that do not belong to you.

• If we realise that you constantly go against the house rules, we would have to ban you from our page. 

Finally, Conform to facebook terms of usage: