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Organic Wheat Flour (Best before March 23)

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All country farm organic wheat flour is produced exclusively by Karahan Flour Mills in Turkey, where the highest standards are maintained. Karahan flour mills has organic accreditation from EU, NASAA ,USDA, NOP, and JAS - ensuring you that the grains are grown, stored and milled without any use of chemicals. 

Wheat Flour is without doubt the most popular  and widely used flour. Unlike whole meal wheat flour is made from only the endosperm of the grain. It has a high protein content, making it suitable for making most types of bread. Hi-protein wheat flour gives bread higher volume, softer crumbs and a chewier texture. It is highly tolerant of oven heat, is more suitable, and requires less yeast.

Our wheat flour is produced without the use of any bleaching agents or preservatives, therefore maintains the full flavor of wheat grain. It is produced exclusively in Turkey, where the highest standards are maintained.