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The Healing Concierge Special


1kg Carrot
1pkt Medium Beetroot/Dragon fruit
1pkt Red/Green apple
1pkt Passion fruit/Dragon fruit
1pkt Celery or Cucumber
1pkt ginger
1pkt (L) Lemon
2pkt leafy greens & 1 sprouts

The THC Bundle is specially curated in collaboration with The Healing Concierge (creator of LINS Smoodees, one of our clients and former stockist since 2010 till 2018). In celebration of THC’s 10 Years Anniversary, we have teamed up to offer this special bundle of 10 essential ingredients for your juicing needs.

Green juices has been made popular by the Gerson Therapy and Norwalk machine in the 1960s and 1930s respectively. Fast forward to the current millennium, it has since been blown into an all out craze, seeing celebrities touting juices as some sort of miracle elixir. Setting millions on a drinking frenzy with little mindfulness grounded in awareness of what they are consuming and how it’s actually working for their bodies.

The Healing Concierge recommends green juicing as a form of maintenance and not necessary to be taken on a daily basis. What can be taken regularly though are just the juices of dark leafy greens. It is the dark, rich chlorophyll that we would want to nourish our bodies with on a regular basis.

This led to the creation of LINS Smoodees where it is vegan green smoodees (smoothies) that The Healing Concierge advocates taking regularly. It is the high-speed blending of WHOLE fruits (not more than 3 types in a blend) and WHOLE dark leafy greens, herbs and sprouts.

In this bundle, you can get all the ingredients you need to get started except whole fruits for the green smoodee.

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Leafy Greens - 1 pkt
Cucumber / Celery - 1/2 pkt
Apple - 2
Ginger - 1 finger knob
Lemon - 1
*serves 1*
_Blood cleanse and skin_

Leafy Greens - 1 pkt
Apple - 2
Beetroot - 1
Cucumber / Celery - 1/2 pkt
Carrot - 200g
Lemon - 1
Ginger - 1 finger knob
*serves 1*
_Energy, immunity and brain health_

Apple - 2
Beetroot - 1
Carrot - 500g
Ginger (optional) - 1 finger knob
*serves 1*
_Rejuvenation and immunity_

Cut passionfruit and add fresh as topping in your juice or just have it on its own!

Leafy Greens - 1 pkt (leaves only, remove stalk)
Lemon juice - 1
Passion fruit - 1 (pulp only)
Ginger - 1 finger knob
Local Bananas / Thai Mangoes / Honey Pineapples / Hong Kong Papayas - 1 bowl (frozen fresh)
*serves 1*

* Prep the fruits at least one night before by dicing them up and freezing them in air-sealed reusable containers. (check that material can withstand freezing of up to -20degrees celcius)
* Freshly cut and frozen fruits should be consumed within 1 week as nutrients will start to depreciate if it’s not stored in a vacuum air-tight container
* Mix not more than 3 types of fruits in a single blend (ideally just 1 or 2), focusing more on the serving size which is at least 200g.

Greens & Supplements
* Wash the leafy greens thoroughly, remove the stalk and save them for cooking your vegetable broth, have as a crudite, compost it or come up with something creative!
* Only the dark leafy parts will be used for smoodees.
* Juice up 1 whole lemon, set aside.
* De-skin 1 finger knob of ginger
* If you wish to enhance and supplement your smoodee further with Spirulina, Turmeric (highly recommended), raw activated organic nuts, MCT Oil (virgin coconut oil), Moringa powder or any other superfoods that you might like to add, please do so!
* You may also wish to add a handful of sprouts (sunflower, radish, buckwheat and the likes) and a herb (basil / mint / coriander) of your choice.

1. In a high-speed blender jar, add the fruits and supplements in first.
2. Fill up to just a little above 3/4 height of your contents a liquid of your choice (filtered clean water / cold press green juice / fresh coconut water / nut milk. Just NO dairy)
3. The last to go in is always the delicate dark leafy greens (herbs and sprouts) so that it doesn’t get over-heated by the crushing blades. * You may also wish to add a handful of sprouts (sunflower, radish, buckwheat and the likes) and a herb (basil / mint / coriander) of your choice.
4. Start on low for about 10 secs, moving up to med/high (depending on the density of your contents) for 20 secs and coming back down to low for the last 5 secs or so.
5. Pulse until all contents are nicely blended out.
6. Pour, slurp and enjoy!

For all juices and smoodees, do allow the temperature to go closer to room temperature before consuming. But be careful not to let it sit out for more than 30 minutes at room temperature as it will start to ferment quickly in climates like Singapore.

As with all eating moments, drink with a peaceful mind. Enjoy!

Till your next bundle, stay healthy, stay happy!

Adeline Tan, Founder of The Healing Concierge can be reached via WHATSAPP at +65 90078233 or through her social media handles at https://www.instagram.com/gaialoving/ and https://www.facebook.com/TheHealingConcierge/ if you may have any questions or need further assistance.