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Organics Premium Soy Sauce (best before SEP 22)

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Country Farm Organics Soy Sauce is naturally brewed from the renowned century-old recipe in which only specially whole cooked organic soy beans andorga nic wheat flour are used.Processed under the most stringent and hygienic condition,these ingredients are carefully aged and crafted in an ambient tropical climate for over 6 months. Using only the first press for qua lity, it has a rich,full-bodied umami flavor that is highly prized among food connoisseurs. Country Farm's Organic Soy Sauce will enhance a unique flavor to your food when used either during preparation or as a table condiment.

Product Features
  • Fermented for over 6 months to produce higher protein profile
  • No preservatives, artificial flavoring or coloring
  • No monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Suitable for vegan & vegetarian
Excellent as;
  • An all-purpose seasoning for all types of cuisines
  • Ideal as marinade for meats and seafood
  • Great as dipping sauce for sushi, egg, tofu, dim-sum, etc.
  • Suitable as a flavor enhancer for stir frying vegetables, noodles, seafood, etc.